June 19, 2015

i like cake.

hairpin letterpress cake card

who doesn’t like cake?! but i guess i’ve once again been distracted by food. i love these cards by hairpin letterpress out of idaho. each of these designs are created and then printed by miranda on one of three antique printing presses that she owns {pretty cool, huh?}. she mixes all of her custom inks by hand, and uses a 100-year-old guillotine paper cutter to trim down all of her items.


i always love to hear about artists that use their old school methods to craft things with. it makes my heart happy!

hairpin letterpress big fan

i like cake and i like you, excited for you, i am a big fan of you,  by hairpin letterpress





June 18, 2015

color: purple

happy thursday to you! hooray for finally getting back to doing some color posts! they are for sure a favorite thing of mine to put together for you guys. it’s funny because i honestly don’t know what my favorite color is. i mean, there are so many colors that i seem to be drawn to and i appreciate the whole rainbow of them. but purple always creeps its way back into my heart. enjoy!

















via modcloth

kitchen corners

















via kitchen corners

enchanted fairytale dreams















via enchanted fairytale dreams

national geographic

















via national geographic

mod wedding

















via mod wedding

honeysuckle lane
















via honeysuckle lane

the rainforest garden

















via the rainforest garden

urban outfitters

















via urban outfitters

what’s your favorite color?





June 17, 2015

ceramics from spain.

since i’m always perusing the awesomeness that is etsy, there’s constantly something that i’m adding to pretend wish lists. and, i mean, we all should have a baby seal bowl for our candies, right?


this cute ceramic guy is made by a lovely group of friends, barruntando, in their small workshop in avilés, spain. they also have great little ceramic figurines and yarn bowls {for all you crafty peeps}.

ceramic baby seal bowl by barruntando





June 16, 2015

you are tough.

life can be tough. sometimes it just really throws things at you and kicks you while you’re down. but life is also wonderful and amazing. and it is beautiful when you really stop and take the time to think about all of the things you have. and all of the things that you can do. and all of the people around you who really care for and love you. so don’t forget that although life is tough, so are you.

little low life is tough

life is tough canvas banner by little low





June 15, 2015

monday happy.

happy monday! your girl is bringing you some mini paintings on wood by jesiiii to make you smile and get your week started off right.

jesiiii quite frankly

jesiiii your magic is real

jesiiii i donut want anyone but you

oh, yeah. and hopefully people will remember this today…

jesiiii dont be a prick

quite frankly, your magic is real, i donut want, don’t be a prick by jesiiii





June 11, 2015

petit pigeon.

here in san francisco, everyone has an opinion about pigeons. they’re a thing here. i mean, i’ve seen shirts dedicated to the birds here in the city. whatever your thoughts on these little guys are {i actually know an animal-loving couple who totally love pigeons}, you have to admit that these limited edition pins by scout editions are cute.

scout editions petit pigeon pin

scout editions petit pigeon pin 2

the pins are available in orange, pink, brown and yellow feathered options. there are also instructions on how to tag your pigeon! yes, you read that right. they come in batches and the folks over at scout editions thought it would be fun to try and locate each pigeon that was sent out via their place in london. you can track its whereabouts through instagram or twitter. brilliant!

scout editions pigeon pins

petit pigeon pin by scout editions





June 10, 2015


wait. it’s the summer? of 2015?! how did we get here?


as you may have noticed, i have been in and out around here over the last year or so. i’ve been dealing with day job changes, family things, wondering how to reorganize my businesses, blah, blah, blah…

a couple of weeks ago, was in bed super sick. no fun! i even lost my voice {thanks a lot, laryngitis!} and there was no sound coming outta this girl’s mouth for days. it was kind of weird. anyway…i’m back and am looking forward to being around and hanging with you all more from now on. i have been so inspired by lots of projects that i have put on the back burner as well as some that are in the works. also, things are a little more settled {kinda, sorta…i mean, is life ever really “settled” at any point?} and i am excited to start sharing fun things from the world of all things small business, handmade, design-related and just all around fun. i do hope that your 2015 is going well so far {uh, it’s almost halfway through june. what in the?!}. i missed you all so much!





August 12, 2014

hello sunshine.

something is possibly in the air. i’m noticing a lot of friends that are going through some struggles right now that need a pick-me-up. i saw these adorable pillows by love, joy, create and thought that they might provide some smiles…

you are so love by love, joy, create

hello sunshine by love, joy, create

happy by love, joy, create

you are so loved, hello sunshine, happy by love, joy, create

ps – you may have noticed that it has been pretty quiet here on mixed plate. i’ve been working on other projects and took some time away to reevaluate some things. i plan to continue sharing great indie finds here, but may do it at a slower pace than in the past. hope you’ll still be as excited as me about discovering handmade goods.

March 17, 2014

reusable snack pouches.

these reusable snack pouches by down home amy sure are adorable. the round bottom design allows the pouch to sit up on its own, making digging little paws in for treats super easy. each bag is made of recycled hemp/organic cotton and have a waterproof nylon lining. i love the silk-screened prints of amy’s illustrations {animals, people! animals!}. plus, they are machine washable {always a bonus in my book!}.

down home amy owl snack pouch

down home amy buffalo snack pouch

down home amy elephant snack pouch

down home amy penguin snack pouch

down home amy snack pouch

i’m thinking of getting these for myself. which one is your favorite? i can’t decide.

owl; buffalo; elephant; penguin by down home amy


February 10, 2014

heart contents.

laura berger‘s work always brings a huge smile to my face and makes my heart all happy. so when i found this card of hers last year at a local shop in the mission {press: works on paper} i got all giddy and bought it to give to someone special. i think it’s perfect for anytime of the year, but if you’re about valentine’s day you might wanna consider this cutie…

laura george heart contents

heart contents notecard by laurageorge