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October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Trick-or Treat!

I hope that you’ll all have a good, safe and fun one. Are you dressing up? I can’t wait to see what’s out there.

One of the fun things about Halloween-time is when they start playing all of the scary movies on television. You can see a list of scary movies via Yahoo! or you can watch Bravo because they’ve been doing some scary movie moment countdowns. I’m not sure why we enjoy watching these spooky things or why we insist on frightening ourselves…but it sure is fun!


October 30, 2006

Wings Hawaii

One of my new favorite places to visit online is Wings Hawaii. With their fresh graphics and jewelry designs I knew I was in love!

I was first introduced to their line thanks to the wonderful Leigh of Hapa Hale. Soon after reading about this company I attended First Friday (check out the links to learn more) and by chance met Melody and Samantha. They had a little table of their clothing and jewelry set up in downtown Nuuanu. It just so happened that it was their first time there as well. What are the chances that we would meet? I guess it was meant to be!

At First Friday I looked through a rack of tops and bottoms and a basket with these great hot pants in them. Let’s just say that I really wanted to purchase one of everything, but ended up leaving with a couple of their panties. Melody assured me that they would be one of the most comfortable things I could wear….Well, she was absolutely right! They feel good on and stay where they should (if you know what I mean).

This small company is made up of four friends. Melody, Samantha C., Becky and Samantha H. all met while attending college at the University of Hawaii. Wings Hawaii was actually started by Samantha H. while she was still in school taking art and metalsmithing classes. As her interest in jewelry making grew, so did that portion of her company. She and Becky create the artwork for all of the clothing they sell, while Melody and Samantha screenprint everything by hand. Samantha C. currently resides in Los Angeles and helps tend to business in that area.

With a variety of fun colors and drawings of mermaids, surfer girls, honu (turtle in Hawaiian), seahorse girls and more, there’s something for every gal at Wings Hawaii. That would also include the original jewelry designs that Samantha creates.

Wings Hawaii items can be found from Hawaii to New York. Check and see if there’s a store near you or if they’ll be at an event close by. For now, head on over to their site

Hot Pants (so comfy!); Sunwing Ring; Fleece Zip Hoodie:

Hot Pants Sun Wing Ring Mermaid Fleece Hoodie

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October 29, 2006

Something Fun…

If you don’t own a Voodoo Doll, ever been tempted to have one…maybe even use one? Well for now these are quite fun. You can find these and a bunch of other cool things at Perpetual Kid.

Ouch-The Voodoo Doll Toothpick Holder; The Ex Voodoo Knife Set in Red:

Ouch-The Voodoo Doll Toothpick Holder The Ex Voodoo Knife Set in Red

Surely not the last post of featured items from Perpetual Kid!

October 26, 2006

So Cuddly…

I found this website sometime last year and have wanted to make a purchase ever since. I’m thinking that maybe I’ll treat myself this Halloween and hit the “Add To Cart” button. But which plush to get?

At Cuddly Rigor Mortis Kristin sews up a batch of creepy, yet cuddly, creatures. Frank, his Bride, Bat, and Devil are just a few of the characters at her shop. In addition to Cuddly Rigor Mortis, Kristin also owns Cha-Pow! (where they provide ink and paint services to animation studios) with her husband.

Creep on over to Kristin’s site and find a cuddly little critter of your own…

Frank; Mummy; Woofman:

Frank Plush Mummy Plush Woofman Plush

October 26, 2006

Get To Know: Vanessa Brady of Gerbera Designs


Meet Vanessa Brady of Gerbera Designs

She is such a sweetie and makes some of the coolest stuff. I absolutely love visiting her site and even learning more about what her cute doggies and kitty are up to!

What is it that you design and create?
For my business, I design and sew iPod accessories. When I’m not working, I like to cook, sleep and make fun of my dogs.

What is your favorite part of the design process?

The “Ah-Ha!” moment, when you come up with a perfect way to execute a new product. You never know when it’s going to hit you so I always try to have a sketchpad and pencil with me. Doesn’t always work that way, though. I still have some of my old sketches on the back of napkins and receipts.

How did you come up with your business name?

I didn’t want to go with just my name (Vanessa Designs just doesn’t sound catchy) so I picked something that always makes me smile, Gerbera Daisies.

Who or what inspires you?

It’s such a cliché but I’m really going to have to go with my Mom. She taught me how to sew when I was about 10 and she’s still, to this day, able to give me shortcuts and pointers to sewing. She’s an amazing woman.

What advice would you give other independent artists who are just starting out?

Find your support! Whether it’s an Artist’s Guild in the real world or forums like TSB, Etsy or Craftster. Find people who have already gone through the often crazy beginnings of an indie startup. Also, start forming a tough outer skin. Not everyone’s going to like what you’re doing. Learn how to take every comment (good and bad) with a pinch of salt, there are always many motivations to why people say and react a certain way.

What’s on your iPod/music player right now?

Ooo, fun question! I have way too much music on Hal (that’s what I like to call him) to list but lately I’ve been really into listening to old Queen, Willie in Austin, Bob Schneider and Michael Franti. I just got back from a trip to Chicago so I uploaded a ton of Lost episodes. Let me just tell you, definitely not the best show to watch when flying!

What t.v. shows are you currently hooked on?

I’m really bad at keeping track of what time shows are on so I watch everything a few months late on dvd or iTunes. Right now, we’re halfway through the first season of Lost and are absolutely addicted. A while ago it was 24 and I predict in a few months it’ll be The Office.

What was the last movie you watched?

The Getaway with Steve McQueen. Mmm, Steve McQueen.

What’s your favorite food?

Pizza and potatoes. But not together. I love my carbs! And nachos…mmm, nachos.

How about your favorite candy?

Any tamarindo candy from Mexico. My husband swears it’s probably toxic sewage gunk but oh how I love it so!

What store could you walk around in for hours and be happy?

A book store. I’ve always been a big reader. My mom use to punish me by taking away my books.

Any pets?

Ah, one of my favorite subjects! I have a grumpy 6 yr old cat named Kitty, Zefram our 2 yr old Golden Retriever and the newest addition, Clover, our sweet 9 month old rescue dog.

Favorite place to visit or place you’d like to visit?

Ooo, I love to travel. I’m starting to plan a trip to Costa Rica…Jim doesn’t know it yet but I really want to go!

If you could be a superhero, what would your name be and what would be your superpowers?

Zipper Girl, able to perfectly sew in a zipper in seconds!

Any celebrity crushes?

Mmm, all the lovely men of Lost!

Such fun things to learn about a wonderful designer! Check out Gerbera Designs

iPod Video Cover; Small Messenger Bag; Become a Robot-Special Edition iPod Cover:

iPod Video Cover Small Messenger Bag Become a Robot-Special Edition iPod Cover

XL Messenger Bag; iPod Nano Band; Button Hair Pins:

XL Messenger Bag iPod Nano Band Button Hair Pins

Hey! There’s always Free Shipping on all of Vanessa’s iPod covers. For Free Shipping on the great Messenger Bags use code “Mix My Plate“.

October 25, 2006

Blog of the Week – Asian Buzz

Asian Buzz

Lilie of A Planet 4 Creation has a new blog called Asian Buzz. She features businesses that are run by those of an Asian background, Asian products, resources and events. Being that I an part Chinese, I took interest in this immediately.

Leaving the field of teaching math and science, Lilie turned to her love of jewelry making and crafts. Her career now consists of running A Planet 4 Creation and she is also the owner of Asian Buzz.

Although the bulk of what you find at Asian Buzz is thanks to Lilie’s hard work, she also has a few contributors that lend her a hand. A group of talented small business women also share their ideas with Lilie in order to make Asian Buzz a success.

Head on over and support Asian Buzz. It’s one of my daily reads and I hope that it will be one of yours as well. Advertising opportunities are available on the blog as well and Lilie invites suggestions on things you would like to read about.

October 24, 2006

A Little Hut

Patricia is a graphic designer and a life-long paper lover. Her online shop, A Little Hut, was born when a handmade card for a friend’s birthday was a huge hit. She also owns Zapata Design, a graphic design studio that was founded in 2001.

The cards at A Little Hut are all made by hand and nothing is made with the use of store bought stamps or products. Patricia uses papers and her own designs that she turns into blockprints, like the cards featured here. The cards all come with a matching envelope, are printed on recycled papers, and even include the signature of Patricia so that you know you’re receiving an original design.

Stop by and see what’s new at A Little Hut. Be sure to check out Patricia’s Four Flowers cards (see below). This card is available in both black and fuchsia and all proceeds from the sale of this card during the month of October will be donated to breast cancer research.

Four Flowers; Little Birds; A Swing:

Four Flowers Little Birds A Swing

October 24, 2006

Just So You Know (New Music)…

John Legend‘s new album, Once Again, was released today. You can take a listen at iTunes, head over to Amazon or purchase it at your local music store. I’ve been waiting for this one…

Once Again-John Legend

October 23, 2006

Is It Wrong…

That I just got back from my morning exercise and I pulled up a website that sells chocolate? Nope! It’s never a bad time (or wrong time) to look at or think about….oh, heck, or even eat chocolate!

If you’re ever on Oahu and are craving chocolate, you may want to stop by Honolulu Chocolate Company. Located at Ward Center, this shop is full of freshly made chocolates using the resources of the Hawaiian Islands along with some imported from Europe. While their website can’t possibly do the shop any justice, I assure you that this is some of the yummiest chocolates you’ll find in Hawaii.

Some of their treats include chocolate covered macadamia nuts, chocolate covered oreos, truffles and more. One of the most fun things about Honolulu Chocolate Company is that they are always so festive when it comes to the holidays. Valentine’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and currently Halloween items fill the store. You can purchase great decorations for almost any holiday there! Chocolates and holiday items? Can’t go wrong!
So if you’re having a chocolate craving while in the Ward area, head on over to Honolulu Chocolate Company. What? It’s not wrong!

Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts; Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies; Gift Box (Chocolate Covered Kona Coffee Beans and Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts):

Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies Gift Box

October 23, 2006

Pretty Glass and Agate

Just because I love handmade glass items. I’m amazed at what folks can create. When I stopped by the site of Uncommon Goods I found a couple of neat glass items as well as these beautiful coasters…

Rio Vases; Agate Coaster Set; Glass Squiggles Ornaments:

Rio Vases Agate Coaster Set Glass Squiggles Ornaments