March 17, 2010

united states of love.

Stevie of Tru.che makes great jewelry including a line that is devoted to helping you publicly display your affection for your favorite state. The United States of Love collection is handmade from fine silver and includes matching heart stud earrings recycled from the necklace’s heart cutouts. Oh, and you know I had to ask her if she ever had a request for a Hawaii necklace. She is able to do individual islands and most recently did a custom order for Maui. Hmmm, maybe an O’ahu one is in my future. Which one would you get {check below for a free shipping code!}?


1. I heart New York
2. I heart Texas
3. I heart California
4. I heart Florida
5. I heart Oregon
6. I heart New Jersey {love that she put “fist pump!” as part of the description}

all above necklaces are $50/each

ps – I noticed that “Tru.che travels across state lines and internationally” so you can get a custom necklace for, I’m assuming, almost anywhere. cool!

For free shipping type in “MixedPlate” in the comment section at checkout. You will be refunded the amount. Thanks, Stevie!

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  1. Lulu
    Mar 17, 2010 @ 10:41 am

    oh wow now i totally want the Oregon one! these are amazing!

  2. Those are so cool!
    In Oregon we have bumper stickers the shape of the state, with a green heart in the center. They’re all over the place. I have one on my car but of course I need a necklace, too!

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