July 12, 2011

sequin fanny.

so, maybe that title made you think of an actual fanny that has been bedazzled with sequins {wait, can you even “bedazzle” sequins?}. admit it, we all have owned and worn a fanny pack at some point, right? oh, please do not tell me i’m the only one that had one as a kid. please? well, one of my girlfriends rocks an array of different fun colored {think neon} fanny packs. and, in my opinion, she looks super cute with them! seeing this new one over at ban.do made me think of her…

the good news is that this doubles as a clutch. if you’re not feeling the whole fanny pack look simply carry it around. on the back there’s a belt loop so that you can slip it onto your favorite little belt. i love that the inside is lined with hot pink satin. very sassy!

oh, and if you enter “fannypack” through friday you can get 25% off yours!

sequin fanny pack: $55.00

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  1. helen
    Jul 13, 2011 @ 11:31 am

    oh dear! separated by a common language indeed. While North Americans may mean one thing with fanny, in the UK it means quite another….so your title brought to mind ‘vajazzling’ rather alarmingly! Have you seen the Jennifer Love Hewitt video where she extolls its virtures?