January 2, 2013


today i finally walked in to atelier yarns. it’s a little shop i often pass by in my neighborhood but always felt kind of intimidated to open the door to. i thought it would be one of those fancy places where the people there {both employees as well as shoppers} would know everything about everything related to knitting, the needles, yarns, etc. finally today i was brave. and i am so thrilled to have gone in!

the first thing i saw were two friendly employees helping a customer. i also spotted the clover pom pom makers that i had wanted to try out for the holidays. the women there were so sweet and made sure i didn’t purchase the wrong type of yarn for my specific project. i even picked up a class schedule {since the last time i took a knitting class…well, i don’t think i even finished my scarf…fail.}.

have you ever been to atelier yarns here in san francisco? do you knit or do any yarn-related crafting? what about these pom pom makers…ever tried ’em out? i’m off to get crafty!


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