February 20, 2013

catching up.

life has been sort of hectic so i am catching up on a few things. i have been good about taking my daily photos, however. here’s what i’ve got for ya…

day 45 photo challenge

45/365. my friends and i headed over to a really fun spot. and, yes…that’s bigfoot!

day 46 photo challenge

46/365. my friends and i planned on going to a show to watch a performance. with dancing to follow, of course! since i hardly ever go out {last week was a big week for me}, i thought i’d get fancy. so my friend curled my hair. she’s awesome and i wish she could do my hair every single day.

day 47 photo challenge

47/365. when i took a walk the other day i spotted this beauty. i love older cars. if i had a bunch of money to spend on a car, i’d get a classic. my grandpa had a mercury cougar, so that’s the car that holds a special place in my heart.

day 48 photo challenge

48/365. i hopped on over to a book signing over at omnivore books to show my support for a friend. because i was running late, i caught the tail end of the event but was able to pick up a copy of her book. we had never had the opportunity to meet in person {she does graphic design and web stuff for me} and yet we’ve known each other for years.

day 49 photo challenge

49/365. here’s the cookbook that i picked up at omivore books during the book signing! i’m so proud of lindsay and her husband {taylor}!

day 50 photo challenge

50/365. yummy breakfast with lindsay and taylor. so much fun!

so how was your week?

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