April 26, 2013

your value. your worth.

it seems that lately a number of people i really care about have been going through it. they’ve been going through some rough patches and a number of my girlfriends have been down on themselves. part of it has to do with typical girl stuff {feeling inadequate :: ps – you’re not!, feeling unattractive :: ps – you’re gorgeous!}. and part of it has to do with relationships both past and present {and not just romantic}. include me in that bunch. and you know what? i’m much harder on myself than on anyone else, so i can get pretty dark. yeah, i’ll admit it. so it was perfect timing when i came across this on pinterest

your value

did you read that? good. now remember it. share it with others you care about. write it down. print it out. get it tattooed on yourself. say it each morning when you wake up and before you close your eyes at night. it is the damn truth.

sometimes we get unhappy with how we’re being treated. but the truth is it all boils down to how we allow others to treat us. and it’s something i’m learning and going through right now. something that in my 30’s i am still figuring out how to deal with and handle. and it isn’t easy. it’s a process because it involves changing a behavior or habit.

i dedicate this post to my friends {and that includes you} who need this as a reminder. remember that you are a beautiful, amazing, talented, strong, brilliant person. you are super valuable to me and to the people who really matter in your life. it doesn’t mean that the person who can’t see your value and worth is bad or evil. maybe they don’t know how to see it. or maybe they just haven’t recognized it yet because they’ve got some shit to work on. either way it is not your problem, nor is it your fault. so keep it moving and know that you are worthy of love and to be treated with respect and to be treasured.

sending you lots of love…

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  1. Christy
    Apr 26, 2013 @ 11:18 am

    Thanks! I don’t know why they don’t sit us all down and drill this into us at a much younger age. We all need to hear it many times in life.

  2. jen ramos
    May 1, 2013 @ 11:19 am

    how true is this??? awesome post by the way…i have been through this as well so i know it quite well. Head up to anyone feeling like that.