August 12, 2013

paper cuts.

are you a patient person? i would so like to think that i am. over the past few years i have experienced some things that have surely tested my patience. i haven’t needed to make that call to get bailed out of jail yet, so i think i’m doing alright. but this kind of patience? hmmm…

bird mafia hello lovely hand cut paper

i adore this kind of work. bird mafia‘s little pieces of art are more than lovely and a show of patience and skill, for sure. these works are hand-cut from acid-free paper and are then mounted on a heavier archival paper that is then signed and dated by artist, emily brown. perfect for framing and hanging up on your wall as a beautiful little reminder to be patient, calm and take a breath.

bird mafia bear paper cut

bird mafia wild and free paper cut

bird mafia chickadee in flight paper cut

hello lovely; bear; wild & free; chickadee in flight by bird mafia

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