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April 10, 2013

team art.

one of my favorite shows for the past few years has been parks and recreation. do you watch? if not you really, really should. really. it makes me happy to see anything parks and rec related, especially these coloring books by toronto based art and design collective, team art. some of my best friends are lovers of the series as well and i’m thinking that this should be gifted to them in the near future…

team art parks and recreation coloring book

and they also make these gems…

team art 90's pop divas

team art boy bands coloring book

and then there’s…

team art hunky dudes coloring book

team art mad men coloring book

but i also really love funny ladies and funny guys. so…maybe selecting one as a gift is too difficult.

what’s your favorite coloring book?

parks and rec; 90’s pop divas; boy bands; hunky dudes; mad men

April 4, 2013

hippo hello.

oh, hello! i was just saying the other day to a friend how much i love hippos…

les miniboux hello hippo

les miniboux hello hippo 2

julie’s original illustration is printed on sustainably sourced paper stock out of france. too cute!

hippo hello postcard by les miniboux

March 28, 2013

love you forever.

happy thursday to you! you ever get that feeling when you meet someone that you just know you’re going to be friends forever? and then there’s that moment when you realize how important someone is to you and how much you love them and that you are so sure you will love them forever…

stacie swift illustration love you forever print

i told a best friend this last night. well, i wrote it in a sappy card {it’s what i do – my close friends know what i’m talking about} and then proceeded to say that i’ll always love them. true story.

i’m such a believer in telling people nice things and how you feel about them. i think it’s important. plus, you’ll probably make someone’s day by doing so because who doesn’t want to hear how much you mean to them?

love you forever print by stacie swift illustration

March 20, 2013

magic 8-ball wisdom.

hey there! so i’m slowly getting back to mixed plate after a short break. i’ve been sick off and on for a few weeks and have still been going to the day job, keeping dates with friends, and even attended a class {all things that were scheduled before i started feeling icky}. while i’m still on the mend, i thought these magic card affirmations by maddy nye were just the thing i needed…

maddy nye magic notecards

maddy nye magic notecards 2

do you remember playing with a magic 8-ball? i kind of wanna find one again for the memories.

magic notecard pack by maddy nye at ship & shape

February 21, 2013

you make me happy.

just saw this print of lily & val’s original hand drawn chalk art. this quote has a special place in my heart because my grandpa would always sing “you are my sunshine” to me as a kid…

lily and val you make me happy print

you make me happy print by lily & val

February 12, 2013

mini jungle.

just spotted this cardboard cut out animal set by milimbo. this small company, based in spain, draws inspiration for their artwork from stories such as “little red riding hood”, “hansel and gretel” and “the three bears”. i love tall of their products, but fell for their mini jungle…

milimbo mini jungle

milimbo mini jungle 2

milimbo mini jungle 3

milimbo mini jungle 4

mini jungle by milimbo

February 7, 2013


it’s thursday! i wanted to thank you for being such great friends and readers. you guys are super awesome. hope you’ll have a happy day…

paper hearts studio hey, you're awesome screenprint

hey, you’re awesome screenprint by paperhearts studio

February 4, 2013

blow it.

yeah, yeah. great title. i know. i stumbled upon this on pinterest last night and thought i’d share because, well. just check it out and think about it…

blow your own damn mind

that’s some wise shit right there. the reason i’m really digging this and taking it as a nice reminder and piece of advice is that i believe that 2013 will bring great things. i shared with you how i was ready for change and am really pushing myself to grow, create more, and discover the things i’ve been meaning to. i also am making an attempt to focus more on me. it may sound weird, but that’s a tough one. i tend to put others before myself despite what i may be feeling or going through. time to change. so go on, and blow your own damn mind!

via pinterest {via jenny batt}

January 30, 2013

be so happy.

happy wednesday to you! i saw this on pinterest last night and thought i should share…

elisandra be so happy print

here’s to keeping positive!

be so happy art print by elisandra at society6 via justb.

January 29, 2013

stay strong.

happy tuesday! just want to give you a quick reminder. no matter what is happening in your life and how you may be feeling, things will always get better. they just have to. that’s what i choose to believe and how i think things will go in 2013. so, remember…

ashley goldberg always stay strong

things are going to look up, loves, and you are amazing!

always stay strong by ashley goldberg