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January 28, 2013

big buns.

i didn’t mean buns like that! well, anyway…i love this card and thought it was super funny that i found it because last week when i had my hair in two buns, a friend of mine called me princess leia.

dingbat press princess leia


princess leia letterpess card by dingbat press

January 2, 2013

get excited.

it’s wednesday! here’s to hoping that you’re at least as excited about 2013 and heading back to work as this pup…

wednesday excited puppy

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January 1, 2013

and a happy 2013 to you.

happy new year to you!!!

happy 2013

i can’t believe it’s a brand new year. 2013. it was a wonderful, yet very rough 2012. oh, hell. who am i kidding anyway. it’s been a rough past few years. and while i can endure quite a bit and am tougher than the average chica, i admit to having more than my fair share of meltdowns. there have been days where i curled up in bed and just sobbed. i sat in my shower with the hot water raining down on me as i cried. i wrote down my feelings of anger in letters i dare not ever share. people {really, really good people} have been diagnosed with things that hopefully will get better {while other things have no cure}. i’ve been hurt. i’ve been super let down and disappointed. but with that i’ve also had some laughs. i’ve made new friends and have strengthened previous relationships. and i have grown. and isn’t that what’s important? to learn and grow from the previous year and take from that the good and the bad and move forward. i’m flippin’ the bird to 2012! i am so ready. are you?

thank you for your continued support of mixed plate and really everything that i do. i have the best wishes for you in my heart for this upcoming year. may 2013 have much to offer you.

liana signature

ps – the image above is one i took of my type.lites candle. it’s made with soy and has a wood wick {so it crackles like a fireplace}. i got the bartlett pear scent {yummy!}.

November 29, 2012

confetti system at west elm.

last night i put up some purple lights in my apartment. yeah, i said purple. i sometimes tend to stray from traditional when it comes to the holidays. and while i don’t have a tree in tiny space, i’ve been admiring the confetti system and west elm collaborative collection. i think these could be left out all year!

confetti system ornaments west elm

confetti system ornaments

confetti system west elm ornaments triangles

confetti system garland

ornaments; garland; twist open trees at west elm by confetti system

November 24, 2012

small business saturday.

did you go shopping yesterday? i can’t handle crowds and craziness like that, but i would do it for a craft fair of handmade and local goods. i’m thinking of heading out to some local shops today. where will you go? show some love today because it’s small business saturday {although it should be that way every day, right?}! check out a few of my favorite places to stop at here in san francisco and online…

fiddlesticks san francisco


rare device san francisco

rare device

wings hawaii

wings hawaii

the candy store san francisco

the candy store



sunday in color

sunday in color

the curiosity shoppe

lucky cupcake hairclips donut headwrap

lucky cupcake hairclips {me in my donut headwrap}

oh, there are so many more places i want to share. just make sure that if you want to find unique gifts for the people in your life this holiday season {and any other time of year, really}, shop small.

November 2, 2012

corn mazes and pumpkin patches.

on saturday my bff and i gathered up in the car and got out of the city! we went with her hubby, their son and her son’s friend and headed to dixon for the “world’s largest corn maze” for some fun. we got a little silly and, of course, took some photos to document our experience. have you ever been to a corn maze before? it was super hot but i’m glad i wasn’t there at night {cough, cough, children of the corn, cough, cough}…

funky rings had to be worn, of course! ps – the green one lights up and flashes different colors and the eyeball lights up, too!

we weren’t supposed to eat the corn?! maybe the apple-shaped pumpkin, then…

me and my friend up on the lookout tower. you know, so you can scope out and plot how to get to the exit!

when you’re in the heat trying to escape a maze, you do goofy things like put pumpkins on your head and make silly faces…

and while i wanted to take this guy home, i didn’t. i put him back with the pumpkins…

yay! fun times!

October 16, 2012

dracula and frank.

there’s a bunch of halloween stuff out and about right now. by the way, you dressing up? anyway…i’m always drawn to cute little monsters and am really loving these dracula and frankenstein kokeshi dolls by shop toast.

dracula and frankenstein halloween kokeshi dolls

the limited edition wood containers were inspired by traditional japanese wooden kokeshi dolls. each of them is made from sustainably harvested cherry wood which is then printed with shop toast‘s original designs. and they are made to put little gifts {or maybe little love notes} inside…

dracula and frankenstein halloween kokeshi dolls inside

dracula and frankenstein halloween kokeshi dolls

halloween edition kokeshi by shop toast

February 11, 2012

free printables for valentine’s day.

happy saturday to you! i wanted to share a little something fun with you. i received an email from vancouver based graphic designer, amy lowry {of thank you cards shop}, that she’s created some adorable free valentine’s printables. there are 18 cards in all with 6 different designs, each available in 3 colors. i’m sure you’re working on your love notes over the weekend so check these out…

ps – scroll down to the bottom of her post for the download links.

January 1, 2012

whoa. it’s 2012.

i know we are probably all wondering how in the heck 2011 is over already. the days seem to go by so quickly and the holiday season, once again, was a complete blur. i hope that you all are having a wonderful holiday season. thank you for being supportive of mixed plate as well as my other loves and the artists featured here. i appreciate your sweet comments and emails and can’t wait for 2012. any big plans for the year? i wanna know. happy, happy new year to you…

keeping positive about the awesomeness that is about to take place in 2012…

December 28, 2011

oh, i’m around.

hey there! i just want you to know that i have not forgotten about you. i have had some family visits recently and have been working on some new things for mixed plate as well as a new business {more on those things later}. i will be around and posting more consistently like normal, especially in the new year {eek! is that coming up so soon?!}. i do hope that your holidays are going well!

isn’t this a cozy photo? it’s been cold so you know i’ve been drinking more warm beverages than normal. none, however, have looked this cute!

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